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Tyska häng -och skärmflygförbundet samlar säkerhetsrelaterade info från leverantörer.

  • Safety note: Paraglider harness X-Rated 7 EAPR-GZ-0541/16

    The manufacturer Woody Valley has published a safety notice for the X-Rated 7 paraglider harness. Woody Valley Safety Note
  • Safety note: Hangglider harness Aeros Viper DHV 03-0121-04, Aeros Viper C DHV 03-0135-18

    The Ukrainian manufacturer Aeros has published a safety notice for its Viper and Viper C harnesses. The notice deals with severe wear/ageing of the reserve parachute handle on these harnesses. AEROS Ltd. Safety Note
  • Safety note: Finsterwalder Paralock paragliding carabiner

    Finsterwalder has published a safety notice for the "Paralock" paraglider carabiner.

    Operation of the FINSTERWALDER Paralock 3 paraglider carabiner in conjunction with a speed system is now only permitted in a locked state.

    When operating the Paralock 3, it has been found that in certain situat...
  • Safety note: Easyness 2 und Progress 3

    Advance has issued a safety notice for the Easyness 2 and Progress 3 harnesses. For certain serial numbers of these harnesses, a check of the reserve parachute handle is mandatory. If the check is not passed, the reserve parachute handle and container must be replaced before the next flight. ...

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